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BloodPressure Record

1.92 usd

BloodPressure Record is an application that manages the blood pressure.[Calendar]Please select a date from the calendar.Blood pressure, pulse can be recorded.
[Graph]Graph the change in Blood pressure and Pulse rate.Charts can be selected. (evening and morning, only morning, only evening)
[Setting]Data can be initialized.User information (name) can be registered.You can change the display settings. ・You can select the graph Type(Date or Month) ・Graph start date ・Initial Blood pressure display of Graph(Morning and evening/Morning only/evening only)The backup feature to save the data to an SD card, you can restore the data from the SD card.
[MENU button]Users can change. (You can change the user when using multiple users.)
■ Graph scaling functionScaling of the graph is now available from the model of the Android2.2 or more.